About Wbmotion

Wbmotion carries the precursor flag for Wittenberg.

Wbmotion is a non-profit association dedicated to the production and promotion of artistic expression.
Between told stories which dominate main events in Wittenberg are the Wittenberger’s themselves who correspond to the historic legacy with a nostalgia for a cultural broken link between the present and the past. Wbmotion dedicates itself to the present, focusing in new forms of audience participation in new forms of creative expression dedicated to personal experience, assumedly, the only real experience.
Wbmotion saw in 2007 the need for cultural intervention in the city, together with the possibility of generating new audiences, being a lighthouse regarding the potential of the city itself to gather ideas and ideals.
Since 2007 Wbmotion brought already hundreds of artists and cultural personalities who come to show, intervene and invite to the unexpected, the realisation that it is possible to have multiple observations on a single object and therefore enrich its existence.

Wbmotion is a turning point in Wittenberg’s and Saxony-Anhalt culture.