Programme Featured

Programme foto from Laura Darbutaite
18:00 Welcoming
18:15-20:15 “Tetrue Meibe meine edytafe”, sound Installation from Juozapas Svelnys (Lt) and Kinga Bartniak (Pl)
18:15-22:00 "The power of unknown CHAOS", dance performance from Maurícia Neves (Pt)
18:15-22:30 "The Split or a Yawning", Installation from Helen Flanagan (UK)

“Adaptation" a performance and Installation from Laura Darbutaite (Lt) and Greta Grineviciute (Lt)

[Live performance 19:30-21:30]

18:45-19:05 "A Narrative of 3 Performers Living 3 Different Lives on Three Different Islands", a performance from Thomas Tajo (Be), Robert Gorman (Ch) and Greta Grineviciute (Lt)

"Zygote" video performance from Filipe Pinheiro (De)

19:30-22:30 "Subjective/objective mindscape", video Installation from Bon Bon (Lt)

"Waking hours", Sound Instalaltion and Live Performance from Daina Dieva (Lt)

[Live performance 20:00-20:15]

20:20-21:00 - 21:30-22:30 "Mind Labyrinth", video Installation from Anne Murray (Sp)
21:00-21:30 "Cellar" a dance performance from André Campos, interpret by Beatriz Dias (Pt)
22:00–24:00 DJ Aikoon
24:00–02:00 DJ Ray Kajioka (KANZLERAMT, COCOON, PARABEL)


Production reserves the right to change the showcase’s presentation timeline without announcement.

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