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Kura: Urban Culture – 03 JUNE 2017
The Street Art FEST in Wittenberg

About the new Kura
The mix between street-art and a great line-up are the main pillars of KURA. A superb exhibition in OPEN AIR Gallery has been changing Wittenberg’s urban landscape and regional memory.  A lot of animation and workshops for the whole family will be available. The Urban Plastic Legacy in the Streets of Wittenberg will last for ages... as the wish for Wbmotion to keep pulling out such feats out of the hat.
This might just be the weekend you've been saving to visit Wittenberg and... ,without leaving the centre, give this sensorial ecstasy a hand.

KURA 2017 theme: “Beyond Witten (white)”
“Witten”, an old German word for white, could denounce former white coated walls sitting in the shores of Middle-Elbe banks, Wittenberg. The picturesque conjecture acquires in next year KURA2017 the analogy to a white beginning, an empty canvas, the sum of the full visible spectrum waiting to be manipulated into particular content. The association of Wittenberg to pristine new beginnings with a meaningful light-house (content) impressing from the distant landscape from its memorial walls, has since long been wished upon Wittenberg. Ten years passed since the Lutherdekade (10 years preceding the 500th birthday) started and the light is supposed to turn on at Wittenberg, becoming a world-city Hotspot.

The value of symbols change and so did the city with its change of name into Lutherstadt Wittenberg in the 30ies. The re-unification of East and West Germany brought to Wittenberg the beginning of the last cultural collage. KURA2017 chosen protagonist artists will envision old and new visual contexts which the city could embrace as the white canvas which has become, during the process of once more renovating or even reinventing its identity.  Our task in KURA2017 is to reflect on the transformations which the city and its social-structure underwent and what that means to its inhabitants, by generating visual situations, featuring public opinion and dialogue.

Recent marketing solutions associated to the Wittenberg city resumes the HOW to change a city’s instant identity and its legacy of visual historical condensation through attributed visual symbol. Namely, the substitution the city’s representative coat of arms with a logotype which translates the ambivalence of both an abstract character and condensation to a single relevant event - the decisive artifact for Wbmotion to produce a following KURA2017. With analogous modus operandi, KURA2017 will motivate artists to immerse themselves on arguments based in relevant fields of ideas analogous to a city wishing for an international character, its contemporaneous social background and historicity. KURA2017 finds opportune to contribute to the local cultural panorama with the valorization of local site-specific objects with every artist’s vision.