Lakmann & Witten Untouchable Featured

With great pomposity we announce that the Witten Republic will be visiting Wittenberg at the next KURA.
They carry the seal of Witten’s finest hip hop delivering highly enriched thoughts, full of practicability and common sense so in need in our days.
Who recalls the late 90’s project “Creutzfeld & Jakob”? That was a big shot together with Lakmann. Since 2013 Lakmann has formally joined the other 2 Witten founders, Al Kareem and Magic Mess, with who he had already worked in past projects, now in Untouchable mode.
“Witten Untouchable” is a pragmatic manifest. These guys represent a fed-up nucleus of reasoning which could upset any established belief system.

"The Republic of Untouchable exists far away from cult of personality and egomania. It’s a state offering the perfect retreat for all those who need time and space to cope with this heteronomous world out there. We have it in our grip and power to take apart and rebuild everything existing without the crumbling façade of status symbols and greed. We’ve created a place where nobody could laugh in a wrong way, where there is no pigeonholing and where the boards that mean the world are nothing but ply.”

It won’t be just a lot of fun to have Witten’s hip-hop heavyweights in Wittenberg, but with what Witten Republic represents, the town can stretch the line of what boundless free thought might be.